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Tugas komputer Grafis II

Tugas Tutorial Poster
Poster yang saya buat adalah poster sederhana mengenai Bali :
1. Pertama pilih foto sebagai background .Lalu diberikan efek black and white
2. Tambah layer lalu Pilih foto dan tempelkan pada background berikan beberapa efek.
   Foto penari diberi efek: klik blending option berikan warna linear light
                            beri efek drop shadow
                            beri efek outer glow
                            beri efek bevel and emboss
                            terakhir efek stroke,dan beri sentuhan black and white.
3.Tambah layer lagi lakukan hal sama yaitu pilih foto
  kali ini foto melasti diberi efek:klik blending option berikan warna linear light
                                    beri efek drop shadow
                                    beri efek outer glow
                                    beri efek bevel and emboss
4.langkah selanjutnya juga sama seperti langkah kedua dan ketiga pada foto topeng tua.

5. Gambar Blending options :
6. Terakhir untuk teks gunakan horizontal type tools
7.Agar warna menjadi serasi berikan juga efek black and white.

Hasil poster :

Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

A star of over 100 films and one of Asia's most popular singers, Andy Lau Tak-Wah was born on September 27, 1961 in Hong Kong. He grew up in a very poor area where there was not even running water -- the young Tak-Wah had to make up to eight trips a day to collect water for his family. Despite financial problems, Andy's parents encouraged him to do well in school, and upon graduating, he entered the TVB academy, where he studied acting and martial arts. After appearing on television for a couple of years, Lau moved onto films with 1982's Boat People.
As was the norm for many young stars at this time, there was an attempt to diversify Lau by having him record an album. While these types of albums usually provide some extra publicity and money for the actor, for Lau they became a second career. Though it took quite a while -- his first album (I Only Know I Love You) came out in 1985 to a minor buzz. It was not until 1990, when Lau had established himself as one of Hong Kong's top actors and TVB came up with the "Sky Kings of Cantopop" gimmick (which also promoted Aaron Kwok, Leslie Cheung and Leon Lai) that he became a bonafide pop star as well.
Lau's musical career intertwined with his acting, as he began to record songs for the movies he appeared in. Despite his success, Lau's career almost suffered a fatal flaw early on when he refused to sign a contract with TVB. Lau was blacklisted from Hong Kong television, and it was only through the intervention of Chow Yun-Fat (who was a friend of the director of Boat People, Ann Hui) that Lau began to find more work in movies.
Though having never really gained the respect of local critics or many Western fans, Lau's list of film credits is pretty impressive. Unlike many "idols," Lau has never really seemed to be pigeonholed into a certain role. While he is probably best known for romantic comedies like 2001's Love on a Diet, Lau's career has included everything from action (1991's The Last Blood and Saviour of the Soul) to comedy (1991's Tricky Brains) to art-house fare (with two Wong Kar-Wai movies, 1988's As Tears Go By and 1990's Days of Being Wild). Lau has also become a mainstay of the modern gambling movie, appearing in many of the most popular films of the type, including 1989's Casino Raiders, which re-launched the genre.
Despite having a reputation of being hard to work with (one story has Lau refusing to smile because he thought it might make wrinkles show), Lau continues to be one of Hong Kong's most prolific and bankable actors. In fact, there were times when Lau was so popular that he was working on multiple films as well as recording songs all at once, sleeping in his car as time allowed. This dedication to work seems to have finally paid off in one respect; in 2000 Lau won the Hong Kong Film Award for his work in Running Out of Time.
In perhaps a bit of irony (especially considering how gossip-hungry the Hong Kong press is), little is known about Andy Lau the man versus Andy Lau the star. He is known as a die-hard collector, with jeans, watches, and Ultraman memoribila being his main passions. Much to the chagrin of the press and fans, Andy has kept mum about his love life (he has been romantically linked to almost all of his female co-stars) but has said that he is interested in marriage.
Film Paa ini dibintangi oleh aktor Amitabh Bachchan (Auro), aktor Abhishek Bachchan (Amol Art) dan artis cantik Vidya Balan (Dr. Vidya/Auro Mother). film ini diproduksi oleh Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited (A.B.C.L.)


Auro (Amitabh Bachchan) adalah seorang remaja cerdas usia 13 tahun yang menderita Progeria, kelainan genetik langka yang mempercepat proses penuaan.

Film ini menggambarkan hubungan yang kronis antara Auro dengan ayahnya, amol Arte (Abhishek Bachchan), seorang politikus yang percaya bahwa dunia politik tidak harus kotor.

film ini direlease pada bulan desember 2009 dan menjadi film bollywood box office 2009.

Soundtrack lagu bollywood dalam film ini : Mere Paa, auro, Mudhi Mudhi Ittefaq Se, Gali Mudhi Ittefaq Se, Udhi Udhi Ittefaq Se, Halke Se Bole, Hichki Hichki, Gumm Summ Gumm

Pemain :
- Amitabh Bachchan, Abishek Bachchan, Vidya Balan, Paresh Rawal, Arundathi Nag

Sutradara :
- R Balakrishnan
film detective dee ini bercerita tentang kehidupan seorang detective yang di usir sejak 8 tahun lalu pada zaman 690 AD gara gara kesalahannya terhadap permaisuri wu zetian.
Konflik dari film detective dee ini mulai ketika ada kasus pembunuhan misterius yang menganggu penobatan permaisuri wu zetian.
Dan akhirnya detective dee dipanggil untuk memecahkan kasus pembunuhan misterius tersebut.
Bintang film yang bermain di Film Detective Dee adalah Andy Lau.
Wah lama sekali tidak melihat akting Andy Lau di layar lebar, berarti bakalan banyak adegan fighting ala cina deh :mau:
dengan di dukung grafik dan visual efek yang handal dari jaman ini membuat film detective dee menjadi film kolosal cina yang oke punya.
Buat yang penasaran dengan film detective dee, silahkan tunggu saja di bioskop dan tonton saja trailer film detective dee di youtube.
Hai It,s me arie let,s  this is my first post on blog...